Riley Gaines (1)

Riley Gaines: What if the Roles Were Reversed?

When swimmer and women’s rights activist Riley Gaines was attacked by a mob of transgender rioters at San Francisco State University this week, she received little if any sympathy from the left. After all, she’s their declared enemy because she didn’t like competing against biological males and she hasn’t been intimidated into silence like so many other female athletes.

She was able to escape the mob. She’s considering legal action. Now, she’s offering a hypothetic situation that many have considered but few have said out loud.

Imagine if the roles were reversed and a group of white, conservatives ambushed someone within the LGBTQ community, physically assaulted them, and held them for ransom for 3 hrs… There would be arrests and repercussions for the perpetrators and administration who allowed this.

Instead, the campus police and University did nothing. They were scared to assert any force and adequately do their job for fear of coming off as racist, transphobic, or anything other than an ally to the community. I’m tired of the double standard. When will enough be enough?

She is 100% correct. The LGBTQIA+ supremacy agenda allows for double-standards on just about every front. It’s no wonder why so many impressionable young people want to be part of the club. It grants them special treatment in America today.

As Gaines asked, “When will enough be enough?”