Right on Cue, Texas Democrats Call for Special Session to Try to Turn the State Into California

Democrats are always quick to pounce on the issue of the moment, and right now that’s “gun violence.” They don’t want anyone to focus on the real issues of violent criminals empowered and emboldened by weak enforcement, or the depravity and nihilism that drives young men to commit heinous and senseless acts. Instead, they want to take out their emotional aggression on law-abiding citizens who are not the problem.

They want to offer solutions that make no sense.

The latest example comes out of Texas, of course, following last week’s mass murder at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Democrat state legislators have sent a letter to Governor Greg Abbott calling for a special session so they can introduce ludicrous gun legislation. According to UPI:

The Texas Senate Democratic Caucus demanded that Abbott call the emergency special session to consider gun restrictions and safety measures in the wake of the mass school shooting, the Texas Tribune reported.

All 13 Senate Democrats also demanded lawmakers pass legislation raising the minimum age for purchasing a firearm from 18 to 21 years old. The caucus also called for universal background checks for firearm sales, “red flag” laws that allow a judge to temporarily remove firearms from people when they are considered an imminent threat to themselves or others, a “cooling-off period” for the purchase of a firearm, and regulations on high capacity magazines for citizens.

“Texas has suffered more mass shootings over the past decade than any other state,” the letter reads. “In Sutherland Springs, 26 people died. At Santa Fe High School, 10 people died. In El Paso, 23 people died at a Walmart. Seven people died in Midland-Odessa.”

The letter added: “After each of these mass killings, you have held press conferences and roundtables promising things would change. After the slaughter of 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde, those broken promises have never rung more hollow. The time to take real action is now.”

The caucus wrote that Texans need “evidence-based, common-sense gun safety laws.”

You’ll notice the use of the phrase, “gun safety laws.” There are already plenty of those in place. Everything they’re proposing is idiotic and echoes what states like California and New York have already adopted. Of course, they won’t mention that firearm-related crimes in those states are much higher than in Texas, or that cities like Chicago continue to have mass shootings despite draconian “gun safety laws.”

Raising the minimum age of firearm purchases is idiotic considering 18-year-olds are given guns in the military to defend our nation. Universal background checks are essentially already in place and did nothing to stop any of the recent mass murders. Red Flag laws are abominations that have done tons of damage without demonstrable benefits. The same is true for “cooling off periods.” As for regulations on high capacity magazines, these have been shown to limit access to law-abiding citizens while doing nothing to stop actual criminals.

“Gun safety laws” are already very much present in the United States, including Texas. Until Democrats acknowledge the problem isn’t what they claim it to be, gaslighting and emotional propaganda will continue to distort the issue.