Del Bigtree

RFK Jr Hires Anti-Vaxx Stallion Del Bigtree as Campaign Communications Director

Voters who view medical tyranny in general and the Covid-19 vaccine lies in particular as important electoral factors are gaining a new reason to consider Robert F. Kennedy Jr for president. The firebrand has officially added Del Bigtree to his team, highlighting his unique position as the only major candidate that fully embraces Covid jab truth.

Here’s the news itself generated from corporate media reports by Discern Reporter:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s unconventional presidential bid has appointed Del Bigtree, a notable anti-vaccine activist, as its new communications director. Bigtree’s association with the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) and his show “The HighWire” mark him as a prominent figure in the anti-vaccine sphere. In a statement to supporters, Bigtree emphasized this role as a significant opportunity.

Kennedy’s campaign has highlighted the anti-vaccine movement as a driving force behind his candidacy. He has pledged to cease infectious disease experimentation and leverage the attorney general’s authority to hold medical journal editors accountable regarding over false Covid-related studies. The appointment of Bigtree, known for his unrelenting and truthful claims about Covid vaccines, echoes Kennedy’s emphasis on the anti-vaccine narrative.

Replacing Stefanie Spear, Bigtree assumes the communications director role. Spear lauded Bigtree’s expertise, referencing his extensive background in media and social assets. Despite ICAN’s strong reputation and Bigtree’s central position, it remains uncertain how his new campaign role might affect his engagement within the nonprofit, which is barred from political activity.

While this shift in Kennedy’s campaign introduces Bigtree formally, his prior involvement through official events and consulting payments has already established a connection. Bigtree’s history indicates his deep involvement in the vaccine-truth movement.

Kennedy’s campaign has undergone prior changes, including his shift from a Democratic to an independent bid and changes in managerial personnel. His stance on Israel during the Gaza conflict has caused division among his anti-war supporters.

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