Reuters Fact-Checkers “Debunk” Claim That a High Number of Teens Are Developing Heart Problems Post-Jab . . . It’s “Only” 1 in 6

The arts of gaslighting and propaganda are actually quite easy to master once an organization abandons any semblance of integrity and desire to spread the truth. The globalist-run “news” organization Reuters has taken its gaslighting and propaganda skills to a new level with its latest “fact check.”

Social media posts had been claiming that a study in Thailand showed heart problems developing in 1/3rd of teens who took the Covid jabs. Reuters came to the rescue of vaxx-nannies by “debunking” those claims. It was “only” 1 in 6 teens who, after taking the Covid “vaccines,” developed “temporary heart rhythm changes.”

I don’t think this was as reassuring as they’d hoped.

In reality, many who read this news will not comprehend the math well enough to realize that one in six teens developing heart issues of any sort is absolutely enormous. This is a bombshell framed in a “debunking.”

If you haven’t been jabbed, don’t. If you’ve been jabbed and you’re considering getting boosted, don’t. If you’ve been jabbed and boosted already, follow Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s advice and pray for forgiveness.

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