Russian Nuclear Weapons

Retired General Tells CNN U.S. Considering Option of Launching Nuclear Strike on Russia

Retired Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt, who served as Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs under George W. Bush, went on CNN to discuss the options that America has should Russians use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

“Look, I think it’s fairly simple to lay down the options,” he said. “It could be the soft side of it which is doubling-down on sanctions, doubling-down on export controls ranging all the way to a nuclear response of our own and everything in-between.”


No, a nuclear response should NOT be an option unless we are directly attacked.

Our nuclear arsenal is not intended to use against an enemy that hasn’t attacked us who happens to be involved in a regional conflict that we don’t like. Nuclear weapons are a deterrent to prevent others from nuking us. That’s it. For a retired brigadier general and former Pentagon official to be mentioning such an option is ludicrous.

Then again, we’re living through the era of the Biden-Harris regime. Nothing seems ludicrous when compared to the rhetoric coming from the White House.

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