Retired Army Lt. Col. Drops Bombshell About Fake News Provocateur Katie Couric

Retired Army Lt. Col. Drops Bombshell About Fake News Provocateur Katie Couric

One of the princesses of fake news, Katie Couric, is in hot water after revelations that she censored former Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. But an even more egregious incident of absolute betrayal to the truth was dropped today by former Army Lt. Col. Samantha Nerove on Twitter.

The Wounded Warrior advocate revealed details of a story Couric and her producers concocted to promote a false narrative using Nerove as their pawn. They were going for “optics” instead of the truth, a common theme for Couric as she continues her reign of terror against journalistic integrity.

According to the thread:

#KatieCouric is the epitome of Fake News. Sadly, I know this from personal experience. I was injured in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom & medevaced to Walter Reed. During my recovery, Katie Couric reached out to me to be on her show about PTSD.

“She flew me to NYC and they gave me a fictitious story about my wartime experiences then tried to convince me to recite her pack of lies on the air. My response was something close to “The Fuq I Will. Not happening.” I ended up walking away from her show.

“They shot footage of me walking in Central Park. I was told to slump, not smile, look at the ground, & the kicker They asked if I would try to cry. They called it “good optics”. Back inside the studio, they asked me to read their narrative as a voice over for the show.

“But it wasn’t my story! She invented one w/ me being drenched in my best friend’s blood as she died in my arms on the battlefield. I threw a BS flag on the play, walked out of the studio, & flew home. Shame on you, Katie Couric. Using Wounded Warriors for your personal gain.

“To be clear Katie did not personally hand me the fake story about my friend dying in my arms, it was her producers. But they pressured me with how much more Katie would like it with that angle.”

Mainstream media today is rife with charlatans and agenda-driving provocateurs. Somehow, Katie Couric has managed to rise above her competitors to become the ultimate disseminator of fake news. She has no shame.

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