Reporter Asks Chlamydia Harris Who Is Footing the Bill for Student Loan Forgiveness — She Answers a Completely Different Question

Ask a Democrat what color the sky is and they’ll answer, “Republicans are racist!!!”

Kamala Harris is arguably the worst offender in the regime when it comes to not answering direct questions with direct answers. Yes, she’s even worse than spoxidiot Karine Jean-Pierre who will occasionally answer simple questions directly. Harris has no such ability. She has talking points that her feeble brain falls back on whenever a topic is brought up even if the question has nothing to do with her answer.

Here’s today’s example:

She was asked, “Who specifically is footing the bill for student loan forgiveness? We haven’t gotten a concrete answer from the administration yet.”

Harris’s answer was moronic. “Well, let’s start with this. First of all, a lot of the same people who are criticizing what we rightly did in following through on a commitment we made, um, to forgive student loan debt, uh, are the same people who voted for, uh, tax cuts for the richest Americans.”

No wonder she failed the Bar Exam. She doesn’t know how to answer a question with anything that resembles a proper response. It reminds me of this:

The Biden-Harris regime is determined to keep the American people from knowing who is paying for the vote-buying scheme. That’s because it’s the American people who are going to pay for it.

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