Report: Nation’s Largest Defense Contractor Sent Executives to a White Male Reeducation Camp to Deconstruct Their ‘White Male Culture’ . . . Developing

Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, is teasing a report that Lockheed Martin, America’s largest defense contractor sent key executives to a three-day “white male reeducation camp” in order to deconstruct their so-called “white male culture” and apparently to atone for their “white male privilege”‘.

Rufo reports that he’s obtained shocking internal documents that will be forthcoming:

Rufo reports that the brainwashing was led by the woke consulting firm, “White Men as Full Diversity Partners”:

Bonus: In a related matter, check out Christopher Rufo crushing Marxist race hustler Marc Lamont Hill, whose gotcha question of “Tell me something good about whiteness” doesn’t go well for him: