Rep. Mo Brooks Demands Actions Against CCP After Meeting with Chinese Defector Dr. Li-meng Yan

Rep. Mo Brooks Demands Actions Against Chi-Coms After Meeting with Chinese Defector Dr. Li-meng Yan

Dr. Li-meng Yan has made her rounds across international media. Most won’t interview her; CNN and MSNBC pretend she doesn’t exist. But in the last year she has appeared on Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s show, several podcasts, and a handful of international shows. Despite all this, she has had a hard time getting an audience with American politicians.

Congressman Mo Brooks changed that. He met with Dr. Li-meng Yan and was so impressed, he released a statement condemning the Chinese Communist Party and accusing them of having “NEGLIGENTLY, RECKLESSLY OR INTENTIONALLY RELEASED COVID-19” (yes, in all caps).

Most of our readers have been at least fairly certain of this for a year or more, but it’s good to see the notion finally creeping into the halls of government. We’re done hearing about bat soup from the likes of Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden.

Below is the Congressman’s press release followed by the document Dr. Li-meng Yan put together.

Washington, DC— Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) met with Dr. Li-meng Yan, a medical doctor, Ph.D. virologist and renowned independent corona virus expert who defected from Communist China to America.

Congressman Brooks said, “The evidence is overwhelming that the Communist Chinese Party NEGLIGENTLY, RECKLESSLY OR INTENTIONALLY RELEASED COVID-19 on the world. Moreover, China engaged in a massive disinformation and propaganda campaign to cover up their misdeeds. Dr. Li-Meng Yan bravely defected from China to America after DISCOVERING the COMMUNIST CHINESE PARTY’S destructive and evil Wuhan bio-weapons program. I urge America and the world to wake up to the threat posed by an unchecked Chinese Communist Party. It’s time to get tough and hold China accountable for its deadly actions.”

Click HERE to view Dr. Yan’s report.

Some highlights of the oral interview and Dr. Yan’s report:

  • Communist China seeks to develop a race-based bio-weapon that targets and eliminates some human races while leaving other human races unharmed.

  • “COVID-19 is a part of a larger, more comprehensive unrestricted bioweapons program of the Chinese military.”

  • “Dr. Yan fled Hong Kong to inform and warn the world about China’s virus weaponization program.”

  • Communist China seeks to kidnap or kill Dr. Yan in order to silence her.

  • “Chinese military scientists suggest that World War III would be fought with biological weapons.” The source for this statement is Communist China’s “People’s Liberation Army’s official bioweapons textbook.”

  • “According to the (Communist China) People’s Liberation Army document, modifications to the virus are designed to appear as if they occur in nature. … The manual then calls for ‘gaslighting with unrelenting misinformation’, obfuscation and denial. According to Dr. Yan, the world is living the intentional modification, release and contrived narrative around what ultimately is an attack by the Communist Chinese Party on the entire world.”

  • Dr. Yan “confirms that the (COVID-19) virus is not from nature and that the Chinese made up the nature-origin evidence and coerced the international academic world into spreading a false narrative.”

  • “These viruses were part of the military’s curated collection as described in the (People Liberation Army’s) manual, for study as potential unrestricted bioweapons.”

  • “SARS-CoV-2 has been adapted in the lab to be able to infect humans using established gain-of-function processes commonly utilized throughout China.”

  • Dr. Yan encourages the world to ensure Communist China’s “potential remaining bioweapons can be secured and destroyed.”