Rep. Lauren Boebert Asks What Every American Should Want to Know_ How Will the Regime Vet Afghan Refugees_

Rep. Lauren Boebert Asks What Every American Should Want to Know: How Will the Regime Vet Afghan Refugees?

The race is on in Washington DC and in state capitals across the nation to figure out where they’re going to put all of the Afghani refugees that are supposed to be flooding into the country shortly. Politicians seem bent on virtue signaling their humanitarian efforts to mitigate the massive damage Joe Biden has done to Afghanistan and its people.

What few are asking is the one question we all need answered: How are these people going to be vetted? Congresswoman Lauren Boebert spoke for us all on Twitter:

“The Biden regime owes us answers ASAP about how they will be vetting the refugee applicants from Afghanistan. We are dealing with a part of the world that is a hotbed of terrorism and need to be incredibly vigilant.”

If anything, the Representative from Colorado is being too kind. It’s not just that the region is a hotbed for terrorism. It’s that Afghanistan is the source of and training grounds for some of the most despicable and effective terrorists in the world. It’s a cesspool of anti-American ideology that has always been able to groom suicide bombers with ease. They will do anything, including dying, to push the anti-American message to the world.

And we’re about to open the floodgates with no meaningful way to differentiate between the good guys and those who want to kill us.

One can debate whether or not it’s our responsibility to bring in even more refugees, but we must be certain we’re not importing the source of our own demise in the process. Proper vetting is absolutely essential and the Biden regime seems to have no plan in place.