Reopen California Schools Group on Fascistbook Locked Without Warning or Explanation

Reopen California Schools Group on Fascistbook Locked Without Warning or Explanation

The Facebook group for Reopen California Schools, an organization pushing for parent and student rights in the Covid-panicking state, has been locked without explanation or warning from the Big Tech tyrant. Organizers for the group took to Twitter to let people know:

“Just Now: It appears @Facebook has removed the Reopen California Schools Facebook group of over 18,000 members. No warnings were given nor have we been notified why it’s down. We hope this is temporary and have reported it as a problem with their help center.”

Visitors to the page are greeted with an ambiguous warning:

Reopen California Schools

Is this truly temporary or is this the first known blow from the Department of Justice? Following the announcement that Attorney General Merrick Garland would be sending federal police after “domestic terrorists,” also known as concerned parents, is this an opening volley played by their puppets in Big Tech?

According to Jennifer Oliver O’Connell at RedState:

Reopen California Schools, in conjunction with Let Them Breathe, filed a lawsuit in July against the State of California, officials from the California Department of Public Health, and Governor Gavin Newsom challenging the state’s mask mandates, and COVID quarantine and testing protocols. In a September 30 TRO (temporary restraining order) hearing, the state attempted to delay the injunctive relief hearing until 2022, but it was denied by Judge Cynthia Freeland. As reported by group founders Jonathan Zachreson (Reopen California Schools) and Sharon McKeeman (Let Them Breathe) the fact that the state did an opposition dump of 1600 pages with supporting documents at midnight of September 30, and also attempted to kick the can into next year, casts some doubt that the state attorneys are merely trying to paper the plaintiffs, while they dig for substantive arguments.

Big Tech tyranny combined with police state tactics used against parents concerned about their children are not examples of the freedom Americans are supposed to enjoy. We will monitor this closely and update as needed.