Rented Bike

Rented Bike Locks Up Mid-Ride, Illustrating Our Draconian Future

A “funny” video on social media has sparked an intellectual discussion about the inherent authoritarianism of a technology-controlled world. When the powers-that-be have access to so many off switches, it’s the people who will be made to suffer.

Here’s the original video:

Conservative actor James Woods wonders if everyone understands the implications.

Wait until they turn off your electric car or your electric air-conditioning, or empty your electronic funds. Getting it yet?

He’s right. The bike video may be humorous to those who enjoy seeing their fellow humans suffer in embarrassing ways, but the rider could have easily been killed over pennies. That’s for a bike. What about automobiles that are tracked for mileage to make sure you aren’t making too big of a carbon footprint? Or refrigerators that have more meat in it than we’re allotted by government?

We’ve talked ad nauseam about the risks of Central Bank Digital Currencies. As Woods pointed out, what if wrongthink gives government an excuse to shut off your accounts?

The possibilities for disaster are too numerous to list in one short article, but they’re self-evident to those who have been paying attention. The problem is so few are actually doing so that the powers-that-be foresee a coming age in which they have complete control and the sheep are herded giddily to the slaughter of their rights.

You will own nothing and most of you won’t be happy unless we stop this madness now.