Remington May Be Hit With Another “Blame the Manufacturer” Lawsuit Following Buffalo Mass Murder

Should gun manufacturers be blamed for violent crimes committed with their firearms? Of course not. But following a settlement by Remington with the families of Sandy Hook victims, families of victims from last week’s Buffalo massacre are considering suing the gunmaker.

According to WFMYNews2:

The family of a Buffalo shooting victim may sue major gun manufacturer Remington, whose headquarters are expected to move to LaGrange, Georgia within four years.

The family has hired two lawyers who are investigating a potential lawsuit. One of them believed the AR-15-style weapon allegedly used in the massacre is designed for military and war, and he believes Remington should have taken more steps to make sure it didn’t end up in the wrong hands.

As lawyers build a case, funerals began this week for the 10 victims killed in what police call a racially-motivated attack. An Atlanta-area attorney said the family may have a case, but it will likely be difficult to prove.

“Should this type of weapon be easily available to the common consumer? That is a legitimate debate,” Atlanta lawyer Jeff Shiver said.

The killer allegedly used a Remington Bushmaster in the shooting, which is a semi-automatic rifle. The family of victim Andre Mackneil has hired lawyers to help seek justice for his death.

There are many people and organizations that could be blamed for allowing the attack, such as the FBI who was aware of the terrorist’s recent threats. But lawsuits against them are difficult, while blaming the manufacturer is an easy and potentially profitable target. Allowing such lawsuits is politically motivated, which is why in our age of gun-grabbing hysteria it’s likely to be filed and may end up being successful.

We have no indication Remington broke any laws, yet hitting them best serves the purposes of those who want us all disarmed and compliant. Perhaps more people should listen to this guy.