Relentless Media Gaslighting_ The Guardian's Ludicrous Justification of Rising Covid Deaths Among the 'Vaccinated'

Relentless Media Gaslighting: The Guardian’s Ludicrous Justification for Rising Covid Deaths Among the ‘Vaccinated’

There is no shame among the propagandists for Covid-19 “vaccines.” It doesn’t matter that Covid-attributed deaths are higher among those who have been vaccinated compared to those who have not. The propagandists’ assigned mission is to get as many people “vaccinated” as possible, so when the statistics defy that narrative, it’s mainstream media’s job to devise the most mind-numbing explanations in order to suspend disbelief in the efficacy of Covid shots.

Normally, it’s American mainstream media that leads the way in unhinged gaslighting, but The Guardian in the United Kingdom made a serious claim to be crowned the new King of Gaslighting with their latest sub-headline.

The news was bad. There was no way around that. The headline reads, “Why most people who now die with Covid in England have had a vaccination.” But in the sub-headline and subsequent article they thoroughly “debunk” the facts and justify nonsense in the face of unambiguous reality. It would actually be quite impressive if it wasn’t so blatantly evil.

Their sub-headline reads, “Don’t think of this as a bad sign, it’s exactly what’s expected from an effective but imperfect jab.”

I’d say you can’t make this up but clearly someone did. What’s worse is the justification they used in the article itself. Wait for it… “Consider the hypothetical world where absolutely everyone had received a less than perfect vaccine. Although the death rate would be low, everyone who died would have been fully vaccinated.”

In other words, they’re saying that if everyone is vaccinated, then, 100% of the deaths attributed to Covid-19 would be vaccinated people. Therefore, get vaccinated because it’s totally safe you guys!

This is the point when I wish I could say, “Just kidding, this is the Babylon Bee!” Nope. This is The Guardian, one of the oldest and most respected news outlets in the United Kingdom. It’s also supposed to be the “right-leaning” major U.K. news outlet among a sea of progressives. This type of gaslighting does not fit in with the notion of being “right-leaning” by any stretch of the imagination.

At this stage, those who have not been vaccinated are likely skeptical of the vaccines, whether due to their low efficacy or concerns over their safety. Even those who do not consider themselves to be “anti-vaxxers” are concerned about the experimental drugs that are being injected into billions of people across the globe.

But the drumbeat continues. Governments, mainstream media, Big Tech, academia, and indoctrinated business-owners are relentless with their calls to vaccinate everyone whether they’re vulnerable or not. Kids with infinitesimal risks from Covid-19 itself are being pushed. Those with natural immunity to the disease, which likely accounts for hundreds of millions worldwide, are being told they need to get the shots.

Any notions that vaxx-pushers are “following the science” can be tossed out the window. It’s simply not true. They’re not following the science which clearly calls for caution by those who are not in a vulnerable group. It’s at least debatable whether the elderly and those with certain preexisting conditions should accept the risk of taking the jab. But that’s not the argument. In lieu of focusing on facts and making lucid recommendations, they’re calling for an agenda to be fulfilled.

The “arbiters of truth” have abandoned all attempts to tell the truth. Instead, they’re relaying and reinforcing a narrative. And as facts emerge that contradict the narrative, mainstream media gaslights its way to absurdity.