Refresh Your Bathroom With MyPillow’s “Amazingly Soft And Absorbent” Towel Sets And Bath Sheets (Half Off!)

We all know Mike Lindell has been working tirelessly to expose election fraud – he even funded Kari Lake’s election lawsuits.

For his efforts, he was canceled by retailers like Bed, Bath & Beyond.

So, Mike Lindell changed strategy.

Instead of sending his products through liberal corporations, he partnered with freedom-loving sites like The Liberty Daily — and decided to pass the savings right to you!

When you go to, you can get huge discounts by using promo code TLD (plus, The Liberty Daily benefits when you use that code).

Here’s a great deal: Mike’s six-piece towel set was $99.98 – now it is only $49.99 when you use promo code TLD:

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People are raving about Mike’s towels:

— “These towels are FANTASTIC! What a pleasure to get out of the shower and finally be able to dry myself off! I love them!”

— “A must have towel. They are absolutely the best towels we’ve ever purchased. Highly recommend them.”

— “Amazingly soft and absorbent. Love them!”

If you’d rather buy Mike’s towels individually, there’s a sale on those, too.

Mike’s single bath towels are now 50% off with promo code TLD:

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If it’s time to upgrade your hand towels, they’re 50% off with promo code TLD:

Look for this box at the top of the site:

Put “TLD” where it says “ENTER PROMO CODE HERE” and hit “CONFIRM” to get huge discounts.

Thank you!

To see what other items are on sale, go to the The Liberty Daily page at by clicking here.

Hurry – we don’t know how long this sale will last.