Michelle Obama

Reason the Obama Woman Is the Worst

(WND)—There are truly many people upon the earth who are by the very definition of the word are evil; and sadly, many of said people are women. The women I reference are soulless, contumelious harridans spawned in the pits of neo-Leninism. While those such as Hillary, Pelosi and the Halloween sisters (Alexandria Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley) are chief among all of so easily identified as worthy of such infamy, none is more deserving than the Obama woman.

Among the many Erebusic qualities that these godless women share in common, the most reprehensible is their undeniable hatred for other women. Here again, I place the Obama woman at the top of the broad and far-reaching list of lucifarian women.

Not only are women like these mentioned – and specifically the Obama woman – guilty of hating women, they are guilty of the dehumanization of women and glorifying the evil perpetrators who feed on the dehumanizing and death of women for profit and terrorist ideologies.

One method, of course, is they convince other women that paying someone to give them pills that cause their children to be burned alive in the womb or paying someone money to rip their children out of their wombs in pieces; or even more demonically grotesque, convincing women to carry their child full-term and then upon the child’s birth have it murdered and the body parts (including the child’s skin) sold on open markets is a form of women’s health.

They applaud and encourage the whoredom of young girls, and especially young girls for pedophiles to molest and abuse. Bill Clinton, Hunter Biden and father, and the late Jeffery Epstein fall into the group justifiably accused as having an insatiable appetite for young girls.

What makes the Obama woman so deplorable is that she uses the lie of crayon-color skin for extortion and to foment division and immiseration. But, the worst is she uses it reduce the very people she claims to care about as disposable carcasses to sate the animalistic behavior of predators and killers.

She supports the criminals, but condemns law enforcement and our system of law and justice. She deceives the gullible into believing such predators are being mistreated and unfairly prosecuted when they’re sentenced to prison.

She and her predator husband support the man responsible for filling the prisons with the very young men they claim are being adversely prosecuted based upon the lie of skin color. It was Biden who led the legislation for the wholesale imprisonment of young men that he and Hillary called predators, animals and other coded names based upon the supposed color of their skin.

The Obama woman advocates for the early release of criminals and cessation of the arresting of so-called “black” boys and men, who pose end-of-life threats to their communities. She lives in a $12- to perhaps $20-million mansion (adjusting for appreciation) surrounded by a phalanx of around-the-clock armed security. The criminals she condemns law enforcement for bringing to justice, do not return to her neighborhood; they return to the vulnerable neighborhoods of the inner cities. There, they return to the rape and murder of vulnerable women and young girls. They imprison vulnerable young girls and women in lives of prostitution and drug addiction.

I could go on with more examples of just how the women I named in the opening paragraph – and especially the Obama woman – are responsible for harming and destroying women. But, the worse harm is their refusal to lift a hand to help the women who are most devastated by terrorists groups she and her so-called husband support.

On Oct. 7, 2023, among the worst – if not the absolute most demonically evil men on earth – attacked Israel, and in the course of same they tortured, raped, beheaded and specifically targeted Israeli women for slaughter.

They cut open and ripped children from pregnant women as they overran neighborhoods. They used knives to hack off the breasts of women while they were alive. They used their knives to cut women open from the vaginal area to their throats – again while they were alive. They chopped off the heads of children, and these are just some of the unimaginable horrific acts these devils perpetrated.

Given the opportunity to condemn the actions of these Arab savages, the Obama woman refused. She sashays about in limousines and private jets pretending to champion women, but the reality is she’s chief among those responsible for the real horror by which many defenseless women are brutalized every day.

And this person is the “thing” fools claim as a model of womanhood? The Obama woman is as much a monster as the Arab terrorists who slaughtered women and children in Israel, because she has the power to make a difference. Instead she is a gluttonous lush who reportedly finds guzzling top-shelf vodka, sleeping with secret-service men and advocating for those who mistreat and kill women more preferable.

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