Real Life Dr. Evil Character Klaus Schwab Praises Communist China, Declares a ‘Systemic Transformation of the World’ on Communist Chinese State-Run TV [VIDEO]

One-World-Government-Pushing globalist founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab, who wants you to eat bugs, live in a pod, and to “own nothing and you’ll be happy” (i.e., the elites will own everything and you’ll pay to rent everything from them), is a huge fan of the tyrannical regime in Communist China but not so big a fan of individual liberty.

Speaking on the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda outlet, Schwab called the oppressive regime a “role model for many countries”.

The globalist control freak then went on to declare a “systemic transformation of the world”.


Klaus Schwab and his minions, of which there are many, have serious God complexes. He somehow thinks it’s his job to determine how everyone on the planet should live their lives.

As Nancy Reagan used to say about using drugs, “Just say NO”.