MSM, Big Tech 'Defend' Bill Gates by Admitting He Wants Vaccines to Sterilize the Serfs

Real Life Bond Villain Bill Gates Tweets Gibberish and Dave Rubin Has Thoughts

Bill Gates is a truly evil man, but you already knew that. He gets insulted regularly as a globalist and depopulationist, not to mention the most outspoken non-doctor in the world regarding vaccines.

With as much hatred as he receives from the masses, it could be a lot worse on Twitter if he opened up replies to his posts. He doesn’t, and The Daily Wire’s Dave Rubin called him out for it:

Everyone hates you and that’s why you shut your replies on all your tweets, you megalomaniacal soy boy weirdo.

Fact-check: Confirmed. Bill Gates is a megalomaniacal soy boy weirdo.