Ray Epps

Ray Epps Is Suing Fox News — and Possibly Tucker Carlson — for Claiming He May Have Worked With the Feds on January 6

Unlike many grandmothers, students, and other patriots who were present in or near the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021, Ray Epps is a free man. But that blessing appears to be insufficient as his attorney has signaled his intention to sue Fox News and possible Tucker Carlson for defamation.

Carlson and others have theorized that Epps was working with the FBI on January 6 based on mountains of video evidence that he rallied people to enter the Capitol Building. Others have been charged, arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned with far less evidence against them.

According to The National Pulse:

Self-declared January 6th “orchestrator” Ray Epps is planning to sue Fox News for defamation, demanding an on-air apology and a retraction of former primetime host Tucker Carlson‘s claims that Epps may have been working for federal law enforcement at the time of the 2021 “mostly peaceful protest” at the U.S. Capitol.

“We informed Fox in March that if they did not issue a formal on-air apology that we would pursue all available avenues to protect the Eppses’ rights… [t]hat remains our intent,” told Michael Teter, Epps’s legal counsel, to The New York Times.

Teter himself has come under scrutiny, with Revolver News reporting his links to ‘Facts First USA’, “a nakedly partisan organization targeting the agenda of the so-called ‘MAGA Majority’ in Congress. The President of Facts First USA is none other than the disgraced Democrat/Clinton machine hatchet man David Brock. For those unfamiliar, Brock’s resume includes founding the Soros funded Media Matters, a so-called ‘watchdog’ group that watches conservative media 24/7 and excerpts ‘gotcha’ clips for political purposes. Brock’s current Superpac ran an 80 million dollar opposition research campaign for Biden, and the New York Times described Brock’s former group Correct the Record as ‘Hillary Clinton’s own personal media watch dog.’”

Carlson ran a number of segments on Tucker Carlson Tonight, which sought to highlight many of the inconsistencies around Ray Epps, such as the fact he was not arrested after video footage showed him shouting “we need to go into the Capitol” as well as boasting via text that he “orchestrated” the US Capitol riots.

Carlson recently claimed that he interviewed Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, who told him the Jan 6th crowed was “filled” with federal agents. Fox News chose not to air the interview, and fired Carlson before he could show the footage to the world.

Meanwhile, the FBI’s Washington Field Office has a Tweet from August 17, 2021, showing a picture of Epps under the headline of “Seeking Information” about “people who committed violence at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.”

At any other point in American history, I would say this is a slam dunk to not only stop the Epps lawsuits but to be able to countersue. But today is not like any other day in the past. Ludicrous things happen in modern American courts. Fox News, Tucker Carlson, and others may have reason to worry.

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