Victoria Jackson

Rare Hollywood Patriot: Former SNL Star Victoria Jackson Reminds Us the 2020 Election Was Stolen

Editor’s Note: There are so few people in Hollywood who are bold enough to fight for freedom in America, it behooves us to highlight when any of them do. This article by former SNL star Victoria Jackson, who recently made headlines for expressing her opinion, is worth a read…

2020 Election: The Evidence of Fraud Is Abundant

Why aren’t people talking about the 2020 election anymore? Is it old news?

Millions of us believe it was rigged – which raises the question: Why vote again if the system is rigged?

On Nov. 3, 2020, our votes for president were counted. Our choices were 1) pro-abortion (senile) Joe Biden who drew no crowds to his rallies and stayed in his basement, and 2) pro-life (energetic) incumbent Donald Trump who drew huge crowds to his rallies and who in only four years had boosted our economy, lowered unemployment, strengthened our military and protected our borders. The choice was a no brainer. We watched the count reported on TV. Trump won.

In the middle of the night, however, everything mysteriously changed. “The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.” (Josef Stalin)

Recounts were demanded. Lawsuits. Hearings. On January 6, I joined a crowd of a least a million in Washington, D.C., to support the truth, that Trump won.

Since our biased media is radical left, it was hard to find truth. Every election-fraud article I found, I posted on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. The posts got wiped, and I got banned.

Patriots scrambled to find and share truth. I have no insider info, but I’ll tell you what I’ve found.

Election machine “servers are overseas,” says Col. Phil Warden in the documentary “Absolute Truth,” produced by the MyPillow guy Mike Lindell. At the 19:48 mark of the film, he says there was a coup involving foreign and domestic enemies of the U.S. At the 28:29 mark, Russell Ramsland of Allied Security Operational Group in Dallas said, “… there is no effective security at all for your votes. Your votes are stored overseas where they can be easily manipulated. …”

I recommend you watch this Italian video. I can’t believe it has not being publicly analyzed, on Fox News at least. Is it real or fake? It appears real. This man is admitting that there is collusion between the American Embassy in Italy and a computer wiz who was arrested for being involved in American election fraud.

I highly recommend every American watch the documentary “Absolute Truth.” I could only find it on Rumble, here.

Also, see other vote-fraud coverage at Rumble.

And watch my interview with Rudy Giuliani’s star witness in the Detroit election fraud hearing, Mellissa Carone.

One more recommendation: If you care about the future of your children, you must watch Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary “2000 Mules.”

Let’s start talking about Election Integrity. All of our freedoms depend on it.

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