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Rand Paul to RINO Colleague Lindsey Graham Who Wants Ukraine in NATO: “Absolutely Not”

The Russian invasion of Ukraine could have been avoided. The Biden-Harris regime and NATO had told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that they were not going to let them into the alliance, but that he needed to keep that information secret. Russia, thinking NATO was going to bring in Ukraine, invaded. The rest is history that’s unfolding before our eyes.

Did NATO and the Biden-Harris regime want Russia to invade? Zelensky used to think so as he noted in an interview on CNN shortly after the invasion started. Oddly, that video is hard to find today, scrubbed thoroughly from internet history like a server in Hillary Clinton’s bathroom.

Now, the UniParty Swamp has changed its tune, and RINO NeoCon Senator Lindsey Graham is leading the charge to pop Ukraine into NATO. As he posted on Twitter:

I will be working with Republicans and Democrats in the Senate to pass a resolution urging the admission of Ukraine into NATO. The best way to prevent future wars and promote peace is to create security guarantees that make aggressor nations think twice before starting wars.

Ukrainian NATO membership is vital to the future security of Europe and the world. I believe there is an overwhelming majority of Senators supporting this proposition.

Let’s debunk just about everything he said. The truthful part is the beginning when he said he’d be working with Republicans and Democrats, omitting that the ones he’ll work with are card-carrying members of the UniParty Swamp, which makes up most on Capitol Hill. After that statement, the lie detector rings like a church bell.

No, adding Ukraine will NOT prevent future wars nor will it promote peace. No, aggressor nations will not think twice before starting wars because NATO has demonstrated it isn’t nearly as strong as it has pretended to be for years. And no, Ukrainian NATO membership is not vital to future security of the Europe and the world.

Unfortunately, he’s also correct when he said an overwhelming majority of the Swamp will support membership despite the fact that it will exacerbate Russia even more.

One Senator who’s not part of the UniParty Swamp is Rand Paul, and he’s not happy with his colleague. Here’s what he posted to Twitter in response:

Absolutely not. This is exactly wrong – as usual – and could very well lead us to war with Russia, something no one should want.

It’s safe to say the Globalist Elite Cabal is fully in charge of the UniParty Swamp now. They’re pushing America not only to the brink of war but to the brink of full-blown collapse. Sanity must prevail if we’re to keep our nation.

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