Rand Paul Highlights the Absolute Absurdity of Hospital Covid Policies for Employees

If there was ever a doubt that the vaccine mandates are about control, not healthcare, one need only look to hospitals across the nation adopting the most asinine policy imaginable. Senator Rand Paul did, and his short critique was stinging.

From California to New York, hospitals are allowing vaccinated Covid-positive employees return to work while still denying uninfected but unvaccinated former employees from returning. The illogical policy somehow makes sense to hospital administrators who care nothing about the spread of Covid and everything about embracing the universal vaccination agenda. As Senator Paul noted:

“So you can still work in a hospital if you have active COVID but doctors and nurses who don’t have COVID and are unvaccinated are fired. Am I the only one who perceives the absurdity of this scenario?”

No, Senator Paul, you’re not the only one who sees this as pure insanity wrapped in a bubble of indoctrination. This is the type of decision that can only be embraced by a cult, and unfortunately that cultish thinking is spreading faster than Omicron.

Image by Roland Steinmann from Pixabay.