Rand Paul Confronts HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra About Natural Immunity. It Was a Bloodbath.

Rand Paul Confronts HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra About Natural Immunity — It Was a Bloodbath

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra is not a doctor. He is not a scientist. He is a lawyer, and as a well-spoken bureaucrat in the Biden-Harris regime, he is traveling the country calling anyone who is vaccine-skeptic a “flat-earther.”

Senator Rand Paul, who happens to be a doctor, took exception to Becerra’s characterization of people who want to invoke their natural immunity and God-given rights to medical freedom. During Senate hearings today, the Senator asked the bureaucrat if he had heard of the study out of Israel demonstrating those with natural immunity are seven times less likely to get infected by Covid-19 than those who have been vaccinated.

Becerra said he was not familiar with the study. That means one of two things. Either he’s an absolute idiot who does not take his job as head of Health and Human Services seriously, or he’s a bald-faced liar who willfully denies the science in order to push the authoritarian agenda sent down to him by Joe Biden’s handlers. Watch this exchange:

Is Becerra an idiot or a liar? There are no other possibilities considering all the facts that Senator Paul laid out. Either way, he does not belong in any position of authority, even in the Biden-Harris regime where the bar is set as low as possible.