Seattle Antifa

Radical Leftist Racism: Seattle Antifa Targets Asian-American Reporter for the Andy Ngo Treatment

There’s a truly sad disconnect between the brain cells in Antifa domestic terrorists. In their quest to fight “against” fascism and racism, they have an odd tendency to engage in fascism and espouse racism. The cognitive dissonance is so startling, it’s important to make sure you’re looking at a real Antifa account and a satirical one. They tend to sound the same.

Real Antifa Twitter accounts from Seattle have found a new target: KOMO journalist Jonathan Choe. In stunning threads threatening him, Seattle’s Antifa expressed their jealousy for not having Andy Ngo on their streets. So, they chose another Asian-American reporter closer to home to target specifically because he’s an Asian-American journalist.

Yes, the “anti-racists” at Antifa are legitimately too dense to realize how racist they really are. Check out this thread:

The sad part is these two Asian-American journalists are getting the same treatment they would get if they were White. In fact, their status as Asian-Americans makes them even MORE of a target to the fascist racists at Antifa. As Choe insinuated, they would get corporate media attention if Antifa targeted Black, Hispanic, or other non-White and non-Asian racial groups.

Some have given Seattle Antifa members a pass for being too stupid to recognize their own racism. That’s not true. They know exactly how racist they are, but they excuse it away by pretending like they’re the actual victims.