Death of Democracy

Radical Leftist Talking Heads All Got the Memo on the Newest Ludicrous Brainwashing Catch Phrase

How do you know when the powers-that-be send out a memo? Corporate media, leftist “activists,” and Democrat politicians start repeating the same thing. It’s a brainwashing technique that has worked exceptionally well over the decades from Nazi Germany all the way until today’s corrupt lockstep leftists.

Sadly, Americans tend to be swayed by this technique, which is why the powers-that-be continue to employ it. They repeat the same basic phrase over and over again until it’s psychologically embedded in the minds of the people. It’s like a song that gets stuck in your head, but with the catch phrases used by the powers-that-be, the words get stuck in the subconscious.

Their latest ominous catch phrase is “The Death of Democracy.” Watch:

Tom Elliott from Grabien often catches these trends before anybody else because his team sift through news clips on a daily basis. They take notice of what average people cannot recognize because they immerse themselves in it. For the rest of us, the constant drumbeat digs at a much slower pace which is why it seeps into our subconscious without us noticing. That should tell you how evil the globalists calling the shots really are.

There’s a solution. Stop watching corporate media. Get your news from independent sources (like us) that are simply reporting the facts and commenting on the implications. Avoid the brainwashers at all costs.