Radical Feminist Proves Political Science Trumps Medical Science for Vaccine Advocacy

It’s funny how sentiment can change over a year based solely on a change in the Oval Office. We’ve seen Democrat politicians, including the so-called President and Vice President, go from “vaccine skeptics” over President Trump’s initiative to vaccine mandators under their regime.

They’re not alone. Radical feminist Amy Siskind posted her love for vaccine mandates this week despite the fact that they were rushed into production, testing, distribution, and approval. But that’s not how she felt a year ago about the exact same circumstance, as Matt Agorist from The Free Thought Project discovered:

Amy Siskind Tweets

The last place where we need political considerations is in the doctor’s office. We need choice, freedom, and real science. All three have been abandoned for the sake of an agenda the left (and too many on the right) have wholeheartedly embraced.