Racist Liberty Mutual Went Down the Same Anti-White Road as Best Buy

Insurance company Liberty Mutual has programs that exclude White employees from advancement opportunities, just like Best Buy. They even hired the same company that rolled out the racist training programs. According to LibsOfTikTok:

Liberty Mutual partnered with the same company as Best Buy to offer a “management training program” which excludes white people. “Current program criteria include” not being white. Liberty Mutual discriminates against white employees.

Here’s the email from their “Targeted Development Programs”:

Liberty Mutual

It’s noteworthy that the program is only for Black, Asian, or Hispanic employees. Native Americans and Pacific Islanders are notably excluded.

In their quest for diversity, equity, and inclusion, the radical left has abandoned the notion of equality. Instead of building a world where the color of one’s skin doesn’t matter, they’re making it to where skin-color matters above all else… well, other than gender identity which they believe reigns supreme.