Jussie Smollett Mehmet Oz

Race-Hoax-Spreader Dr. Mehmet Oz Wants to Go to Washington

When we originally covered the Jussie Smollett race hoax, I vividly recall conservatives voicing their skepticism within minutes after the false allegations were made. As both the Chicago Police and countless patriots said at the time, it just seemed off. None of it made sense, particularly the thought that there are roving gangs of Trump supporters looking for homosexual Black men walking home from Subway on the frozen streets of Chicago in the early morning.

It seemed pretty obvious at the time and as his story unraveled spectacularly, even many in the center and on the left started questioning his story. By the time it became apparent to just about everyone that none of it made sense, one television star stood by Smollett and helped to spread his fake news. That man was Dr. Mehmet Oz.

According to The Post Millennial:

In the latest controversy surrounding Trump endorsed GOP senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz, video footage that has since resurfaced shows Oz’s “love” and “adoration” for infamous hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett.

The following clip, recently unearthed by advisor and strategist Matt Wolking, comes from a 2019 episode of the Dr. Oz show where Oz expressed his “love” for Jussie Smollett a month after Smollett faked a racist hate crime against himself in Chicago to smear former President Trump and his supporters.

Dr. Oz referred to Smollett as his “good friend” and said he “adores” him.

This is a show of zero discernment and extraordinarily poor judgment of character. And that’s the best-case-scenario. That late in Smollett’s game, it seems very possible that he was aware that the hoax was intended to draw sympathy to Smollett as he renegotiated his Hollywood contract and was participating in helping his buddy con the world.

Dr. Oz is vying for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania. He faces harsh criticism from conservatives who do not see him as an America First candidate. In fact, his ideology just prior to deciding to run for office matched very closely with Democrats, including defending Roe v. Wade and promoting harsh gun bans. Then, of course, there’s his desire to help young children transition to different genders through the use of puberty blockers.

Even as most outsiders who had never met Smollett face-to-face were seeing through his lies, Dr. Oz either lacked the intelligence to see the truth or participated in spreading lies against Trump supporters in hopes it wouldn’t be discovered.