A Quick Note to Republicans About Mitch McConnell

I posted this on Twitter but realizing nobody will read it there, I decided to post it here as well:

I’ve seen some GOP “strategists” claiming Mitch McConnell shouldn’t step down because he’ll be replaced by a Democrat selected by Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear.

This is an idiotic take.

There is no majority to protect. McConnell is holding back the GOP and the country. He’s a compromised RINO beholden to Big Pharma, China, and the UniParty Swamp.

But here’s the thing. Let’s say the GOP had a majority to protect. Let’s say McConnell was effective at leading the GOP and helping the nation. Let’s say he was NOT compromised. Even in that impossible series of scenarios, Republicans should STILL be calling on him to step down. He’s not mentally or physically capable of fulfilling the duties of the job and should be resting with family and senior care specialists at his side.

Freezing as he does would get him medically removed from just about any job in the country, but somehow one’s ability to answer a question before the world without staring blankly ahead is NOT disqualifying for the U.S. Senate?

This is stupid. If you’re calling for Joe Biden or John Fetterman to step down (and you should be) then you should be calling for McConnell to step down as well.

It’s time for McConnell, Fetterman, Biden, and several other lawmakers to move on. They’re harming the nation by continue to pretend to lead it.

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