Kamar de los Reyes

Quick Anecdotal Conspiracy Theory About Cancer and the Jabs

(Twitter)—I’ve noticed a lot more reports lately of people dying after a “short battle with cancer.” It seems to have replaced “cause of death unknown” as the most common reason major and minor celebrities have died for the last couple of months.

For background, I am editor of The Liberty Daily and Discern Report. As such, I read through 1500-2500 headlines across 300 news sources daily. While I’m neither a doctor nor a statistician, I can see trends in the news cycle and this one has stuck out to me for a bit.

Two possibilities seem most likely. The first is the notion that the Covid jabs have increased the prevalence of cancer in America and across the globe. There are studies that back this possibility, though nothing that has stood out as definitive yet.

The second possibility, less likely but still an option, is that the skepticism about the efficacy and safety of the jabs has reached a tipping point and the powers-that-be are trying to mitigate damage by limiting cases of famous people reportedly dying suddenly without a cause of death listed.

Generally, vaccine-skeptics will see “cause of death unknown” as jab-related while they’ll see “short battle with cancer” as non-jab-related.

By no means am I suggesting that anyone who dies from recently diagnosed cancer today is vaccine injured. I’m simply suggesting that it’s a trend that may be worth monitoring. It could all be my imagination but as someone who reports on instances of people dying suddenly from unknown causes, this latest trend stood out to me.

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