Queer Non-Binary Indiana Teacher Makes the Latest Great Case for Getting Your Kids Out of Public School

There are certain drums we need to beat constantly until the message really gets out there. Even then, we need to keep beating it until the message sinks in. Today’s drumbeat message is twofold:

  1. Get your kids out of public schools if you haven’t already
  2. Help fight the radical indoctrination being perpetrated against kids who are stuck there

A “queer, non-binary” Indiana teacher took to TikTok (of course) to signal her virtue over resigning from her position. She said the school district was forcing her to listen to parents, which she noted she definitely shouldn’t do, and use proper pronouns instead of the illogical and false labels they’re throwing on kids today.


As Bill Maher recently noted on his HBO show, they’re using children as cannon fodder in the culture war. He’s right, and this teacher is a perfect example of one of the culture war soldiers firing the cannons at our kids every Monday through Friday.

We must not continue to allow this to take place. Parents are parents and are responsible for raising their children. Teachers are supposed to be teachers, which means they’re supposed to teach them real knowledge, not brainwash them with damaging ideologies.

Get your kids out of public schools as soon as possible. Help fight the current public school systems that are allowing “teachers” like this one to spread her destructive worldview.