Quadruple-Jabbed 30-Year-Old Bodybuilder Joesthetics Discussed Changes in His Bloodwork Three Weeks Before Dying Suddenly From an Aneurysm

Every passing day brings another “alleged” Covid-19 vaccine-induced death. I only say “alleged” because the powers-that-be will never let the truth come out fully, so journalists are forced to include qualifiers in our reporting even when the cumulative evidence points in one direction.

Jo Lindner, 30, was a bodybuilder and influencer on YouTube and Instagram when he died from an aneurysm in his girlfriend’s arms. Better known as “Joesthetics” to his fans, the athlete is known to have received four Covid-19 jabs.

According to KanekoaTheGreat on Twitter:

Joesthetics, a popular YouTube bodybuilding star with eight million Instagram followers, died at 30 from an aneurysm after receiving four COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, causing significant bloodwork changes and diagnosed micro clots.

According to

His heartbroken girlfriend Nicha announced Jo died while they were cuddling, shortly after gifting her a custom made necklace with her name on it. Nicha posted on Instagram: “He was in my arms … than this is just happening too fast … 3 days ago he kept (saying) that he had pain in his neck … we didn’t really realise it until it was too late. If you guys were know him like I do … he is the amazing and incredible person in this world.”

In most instances, we only have circumstantial evidence of the rise in young and otherwise healthy people dying suddenly following the Covid-19 injections to allow us to speculate about the cause of death. With Lindner, we have the victim himself saying on a podcast three weeks ago that his bloodwork had changed following his injections. A D-Dimer test revealed the presence of microclots, a common adverse reaction to the jabs.

The fight to get the truth out about the jabs is ongoing. Just because fewer people are getting boosters today doesn’t mean we get complacent. People must be warned. Perpetrators must be brought to justice. The truth must prevail.

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