Putin Mad

Putin Addresses the World

He’s innocent and it’s all America’s fault.

That’s the basic theme of the televised address Russian President Vladimir Putin gave earlier. And as much as I’d love to say he’s totally full of it and the United States played no role in antagonizing the conflict, I can’t. Putin made some good points. That does NOT justify invading Ukraine. As I’ve said many times, he had the threat of invasion as the ultimate card to use in order to keep Ukraine out of NATO. Instead, he thought he’d blitz the nation and do it the “easy” way.

None of this has been easy for the people of Ukraine or troops on both sides.

The points that he made that were logical were focused on the initial antagonizing by the West. It has been clear for years that Ukraine was being used as a pawn to lure Russia into conflict. Whether the intention was for all-out war or just to keep Putin nervous about having an enemy at his borders is unclear, but I wouldn’t put it past the warmongers and military industrial complex in Washington DC to be willing to pull Russia into a war that would eventually bring us into the fight.

He also noted that the way western corporate media and Big Tech have handled the situation is disgraceful. Sites like Facebook allowing for calls of violence against Russians is a clear indicator that there was only one narrative that was allowed, truth be damned.

As for sanctions, he said that the U.S. and our allies represent a minority of the world’s population, most of which has not issued sanctions against Russia.

Here’s his speech, unfortunately clipped from NBC’s YouTube channel while I search for a better source: