Puppet Master Putting Words in Sleepy Joe’s Mouth?

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There’s one thing true Americans like you and me know.

Biden ain’t fit for office.

I mean, he can hardly string a sentence together.

But that makes you wonder:

How does he enact downright evil policies if he’s that dumb?

Well, a whistleblower just revealed the truth.

The gov’t insider says there’s somebody behind the curtain pulling the strings.

Yep, there’s a puppet master putting words in sleepy Joe’s mouth.

And doing everything they can to control everyday folks.

Everything from muzzling us, to locking us in our houses was down to this puppet master.

And brother, you ain’t going to believe who is responsible.

Worse still…

The whole situation is about to reach boiling point.

And it could be the end of America as we know it.

The insider just released this jaw-dropping video that every American should watch ASAP.

That said, I’m not certain how long his video will stay up.

So I’d watch it now it while it’s still on the net.

=> Gov’t insider dishes dirt on Biden