Punished for Donating to Your Local Church?

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Could you imagine getting punished for donating to your local church?

It sounds CRAZY.

And yet, I believe that is about to become our new reality.

Because our gov’t has decided to digitalize the dollar.

This means they’ll be able to track every single transaction you make.

Tried to buy something our gov’t doesn’t approve of?

“Transaction denied.”

Said anything on social media that goes against gov’t propaganda?

“Account frozen.”

Those are very real possibilities once our gov’t rolls out a digital dollar.

Because I believe our gov’t wants to control us.

How we spend our money…

How we spend our time…

All the way down to our most personal and deeply held beliefs.

And as a Pastor and an American, I’m telling you…

This is the opposite of what being a Christian is about.

Being a Christian is about letting go of control.

And trusting in God and His Plan.

This is why I cannot stand for this gov’t movement!

I will not stand to have my bank account frozen.

I will not live like a broke student in my golden years.

And I will not fail to pay for my children’s education even though I’ve worked my whole life.

I’ve found a way to secure my family’s future that the mainstream media has completely overlooked.

This is how I’m planning to protect my money.