Public School Indoctrination Is Real: 4th Grade Teacher in Austin Told Her Peers 63% of Her Class Came Out as LGBTQIA+

The goal of the Cultural Marxists behind the LGBTQIA+ Supremacy push is to indoctrinate vulnerable children into embracing destructive anti-Biblical lifestyles. They have to get them when they’re young before they start forming their own ideas; prepubescent children are the easiest to convert into falsely believing they are somehow part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The reason is obvious. They don’t have the hormones, life experiences, or common sense to tell them otherwise. This is why radical progressives are so adamant about teaching five- to eight-year-olds about adult sexual topics. It’s why they have hideous programs like Drag Queen Story Hour. And it’s why this fourth-grade teacher in Austin is not only angry about gay “Pride” not usurping other causes, but also claimed that 20 out of her 32 students came out to her as LGBTQIA+.

According to Libs of Tik Tok Twitter account:

These are internal messages from a 4th grade elementary teacher in @AustinISD. She’s upset that an entire week dedicated to LGBT still wasn’t good enough. Coincidentally, 20/32 of her FOURTH GRADERS are LGBT and have “come out” to her What the hell is going on in these schools?!

Adults who make the lifestyle decision are free to do that. I oppose sins of all types, including lifestyle sins inherent in the LGBTQIA+ community, but adults who make the choice freely are able to do so in America. As long as they don’t break laws otherwise or try to impose their lifestyles on others, it’s just another of many wrongs that adults perpetrate daily.

But there are two major exceptions to my tolerance. The first is how they go after children. This is wrong. It’s evil. It’s taking advantage of those at their most vulnerable and impressionable so they do not have points of reference that can deflect the indoctrination.

The second is what we’re seeing more and more of it every day. Transgenderism poses problems for others when it’s used to gain advantages. We all know the Will “Lia” Thomas story, but that’s mild in comparison to the heinous actions by those who fly the mantle of transgenderism to get into women’s restrooms, girls’ locker rooms, or female jails.

If there aren’t 20 out of 32 fourth-graders in this teacher’s class who have “come out” as LGBTQIA+, then this is gaslighting. If there are that many, then this teacher should never be allowed anywhere near a child again because the brainwashing is clear as day.