Protecting Pedophiles Included in Democrat-Supported Plan in Congress

(WND)—A lot of leftist moves have been made by Congress in recent years. A law that allows spying on Americans. Another that feds have used to target and jail pro-life protesters. A mandate to buy a consumer product, health insurance, dictated by bureaucrats.

Then there are all the reinterpretations of the law, or its attached definitions, that claim Congress, when it was adopting nondiscrimination legislation 50 years ago, intended for the word “sex” to mean “gender identity.”

But now there’s a new threat, and analysts charge it is worse than anything else that has come down recently.

“This is evil,” explained a report from Liberty Counsel, whose legal team has fought the LGBT ideology in many cases already.

The proposed law, in fact, would “protect” pedophiles, along with those people who claim to be one of the estimated 550 “philias.”

The problem is the pending “Equality Act,” which all Democrats in the House already have supported.

The report cites a case involving a man who calls himself a woman and was working in a childcare center.

He was caught molesting a baby girl, but plea-bargained result in the case included no jail, the report said.

“If HR 15, the so-called ‘Equality Act’ passes, we’ll see a lot more cases in which these confused abusers are given a virtual ‘pass’ on their sex crimes, because HR 15 seeks to protect more than 550 sexual deviancies, including pedophilia,” Liberty Counsel’s report said.

The report, from Liberty Counsel chief Mat Staver, explained, “The evil Dr. Alfred Kinsey of Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction has caused incalculable damage.

“As you may recall, Table 34 of Kinsey’s 1948 book, Sex and the Human Male, documented the sexual abuse of children and babies as young as 5 months old. … Kinsey claimed that the screams of the abused children were ‘proof’ that children and even babies ‘enjoyed’ being sexually abused.”

He said that very concept is the foundation of HR 15, explaining, “This is evil.”

The report noted that the plan protects LGBT identities, but it is the “Q” identities that are the worst.

“Cosmopolitan states: ‘Queerness is an umbrella term that is both an orientation and a community. … The vagueness of the term is intentional — queer is an identity created for anyone outside of the heterosexual norm and meant to be inclusive,’” the report said.

The report warned HR 15 “creates a special class of rights for anyone who fits under the ‘LGBTQ’ class of people specified in the bill.”

The report suggests readers contact Congress and tell members to reject the idea.

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