Seattle Prostitutes

Prostitutes Prowl Seattle Streets With Hamstrung Police Watching Helplessly a Block Away

There’s a prostitution problem in Seattle. It’s a sex trafficking problem as well since many if not most of the prostitutes are forced to sell their bodies or risk being murdered. This is all due to de facto legalization of prostitution in the ultra-woke Democrat hellhole, and two journalists are doing what they can to document the tragic circumstances.

Katie Daviscourt from Rebel News has been posting about it.

She’s absolutely correct. With the “informally legalized” prostitution rampant, so too are other crimes, including assaults and murders. Drugs are on the rise, but they’re essentially legal in the radical progressive city as well.

Discovery Institute’s Jonathan Choe went around asking prostitutes in Seattle if they needed help:

He wasn’t done:

Why is this happening? Choe explained:

Unfortunately, this isn’t just a Seattle problem. “Woke” cities led by radical Democrats across the country are starting to see the same problems. Until this is addressed with a bright spotlight of attention, it’s only going to get worse.