Bob Good

Proposed “Life Act” Would Outlaw Federal Dollars Being Used to Murder Babies

(The Daily Signal)—Rep. Bob Good introduced the Life Act on Thursday, legislation that outlaws abortions of unborn babies “to the fullest extent at the federal level” by prohibiting federal dollars from being used for abortions.

The Virginia Republican’s bill, which builds on a consensus from House Republicans to provide stronger enforcement mechanisms for pro-life laws, bans federally regulated health care programs from using funds to pay for abortions and federally regulated health plans from covering abortions.

The bill protects mothers whose lives are in danger but does not make exceptions for rape or incest and would protect mothers from being prosecuted for the death of her own child. It also would ensure that ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, and stillbirths can be “appropriately treated.”

It would also make it a federal crime for licensed medical professionals to participate in interstate commerce or accept federal funds to “perform or prescribe an abortion at any point after fertilization.”

“There are 63 million fewer Americans alive today because of Roe v. Wade,” Good told The Daily Signal. “Even after this horrific ruling was overturned, abortion remains the leading killer in America. It has prematurely ended the life of countless [children who may have become] doctors, teachers, pastors, and engineers.”

“Thankfully, the Dobbs decision did overturn Roe, finding there is not a constitutional right to abortion, and returning the regulation of abortion to the people’s representatives,” he added, referring to the 2022 Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. “In a post-Roe America, Congress must legislate to protect life. It is our duty to follow the science that life begins at conception and end abortion so that every American has the chance to live.”

A one-pager about the bill emphasizes that “science confirms that life begins at the moment of conception,” adding that “abortion is antithetical to our American values as outlined in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.”

“It is abundantly clear that Congress should continue to protect life at the federal level,” the one-pager says. “The Supreme Court’s decision returned the issue not merely to the states, but also ‘to the people and their elected representatives.’”

The legislation is supported by pro-life groups, including Concerned Women for America, Heritage Action for America, Students for Life Action, and Live Action.