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Project Veritas BOMBSHELL: FDA Executive Officer Says VAXX-Tyrant Biden Wants Everyone Jabbed YEARLY to Benefit Big Pharma

Project Veritas has done it again, and arguably better than they’ve done it before. They initiated a blockbuster investigation in which they captured FDA Executive Officer Christopher Cole spilling the beans on the Covid vaccines, plans for the future, and a corruption in the FDA that many have speculated about but few have fully uncovered.

Here’s the video:

Keep in mind, that’s just part one.

According to Project Veritas:

  • FDA Executive Officer, Christopher Cole: “You’ll have to get an annual shot [COVID vaccine]. I mean, it hasn’t been formally announced yet ‘cause they don’t want to, like, rile everyone up.”
  • Cole on President Joe Biden: “Biden wants to inoculate as many people as possible.”
  • Cole on plans to approve vaccine for toddlers: “They’re not going to not approve [emergency use authorization for children five years old or less].”
  • Cole on pharmaceutical companies: “There’s a money incentive for Pfizer and the drug companies to promote additional vaccinations.”
  • Cole on the financial incentive for pharmaceutical companies: “It’ll be recurring fountain of revenue. It might not be that much initially, but it’ll be recurring — if they can — if they can get every person required at an annual vaccine, that is a recurring return of money going into their company.”
  • FDA Official Statement: “The person purportedly in the video does not work on vaccine matters and does not represent the views of the FDA.”