Governor Evers

Progressive Patriarchy: Democrat Governor Brags About Destroying Girls’ Sports in Schools by Vetoing Bill to Ban Trannies

In a healthy society, men who refuse to behave like men are forced through natural, social processes to either man the hell up or else be excluded. Too lazy to work hard at your job? Man up and do it or else you’ll never get promoted. Too nervous to talk to a woman? Man up and do it or else you’ll never start a family. Too scared to stand up for yourself? Man up and do it or else nobody will respect you. It’s how society pushes men to make something of themselves.

In a degenerate society, however, such processes are considered toxic. Rather than push men to confront and overcome their weaknesses, a degenerate society coddles them and even rewards them for being weak. There’s no better example of this than the invasion of trannies in female sports. Boys and men who can’t compete with fellow males no longer have to improve themselves through hard work to match or exceed their competitors. Instead, they just throw on a dress and start competing against girls and women, over whom they have a massive biological advantage that they’ve done nothing to earn.

Leftists are cashing in on this. There are millions of cowards and degenerates and losers out there who will throw their vote at any politician willing to tell them that they don’t have to do anything to better themselves. Governor Evers of Wisconsin is one such politician, having recently vetoed a Republican bill which would have protected girls’ sports in schools by preventing trannies from coming in and dominating any competition.

This “Progressive Patriarchy”, as Dana Loesch succinctly calls it, is far more damaging to women than the “patriarchy” that feminists have been ranting about for decades. Whereas a traditional patriarchy seeks to confine women to their own spaces, this progressive patriarchy seeks to invade those spaces and replace women with dudes in dresses.