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The Primaries Can End Next Week if MAGA Does Its Thing

Editor’s Note: I understand that not all of our readers are supporters of President Trump. Following the Iowa Caucuses, it’s understandable that many will not be happy to hear my personal support for him nor the call for New Hampshire to be his definitive victory, but know that I hold no ill-will toward those who supported Vivek Ramaswamy, Ron DeSantis, or Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Nikki Haley, on the other hand, is an existential threat and must be stopped. Trump is the person who can do that. I have been critical of Trump in the past and will continue to be critical of him when he does wrong, but Haley has no business in the White House. If that statement offends some, well, it is what it is. Haley’s supporters probably won’t want to read today’s column…

(Conservative Playbook)—The Iowa Caucuses ended exactly how most predicted: With a resounding win for Donald Trump. The gap was so wide with wins in 98 out of 99 counties that corporate media abandoned their planned narrative that the weather pushed him over the top.

Now, the powers-that-be who are trying to stop him are deciding how to proceed. Vivek Ramaswamy dropping out will almost certainly help Trump going into next week’s New Hampshire primary. Nikki Haley, who is polling in second place in the state, could only manage a third place finish in Iowa. Had she outperformed Ron DeSantis, the path forward for NeverTrumpers would be more clear since she’s projected to beat him next week. Losing to him in Iowa was a blow.

Corporate media is doing their part despite claims by the DeSantis team that they favor Trump. This notion is ludicrous considering how much they attack Trump, but it’s the storyline Team DeSantis has chosen so they’re sticking with it.

Of course, there’s this note from Michael Shellenberger that debunks those claims by Team DeSantis:

Both CNN and MSNBC carried the entirety of the speech by DeSantis, after openly refusing to carry the speech by Trump, even though Trump won a landslide with 51% against DeSantis’ 21%.

It’s madness. CNN and MSNBC are flagrantly embracing their role as propagandists.

Between the blowout in Iowa and the likelihood that neither DeSantis nor Haley will drop out before New Hampshire, it seems the best bad choice for NeverTrumpers is to try to manufacture a win for Haley. In other words, they’re going to cheat.

By the technical sense of the word, they don’t necessarily have to “cheat” by breaking the law (though that’s not out of the question). New Hampshire has an open primary which means Democrats can vote in it… and they will. Efforts have already been underway to get out the Democrat vote for Haley.

That’s how much they fear Trump. RINOs and Democrats are working together to generate a massive upset. But will it be enough? That depends on MAGA.

If Trump supporters come out like they did in Iowa, there aren’t enough Democrats who would be willing to counter the vote. Most recent polls show Trump up by double-digits over Haley, and that’s before his huge Iowa victory as well as her third place finish. It’s incumbent on MAGA to not only get the vote out to counter Haley’s Democrats but also to get the word out about Haley herself. She is a NeoCon to the highest degree. One can argue based on her actions and promises that she puts the Cheneys and Bushes to shame.

The only other play the NeverTrumpers can make is to get DeSantis to drop out. Don’t count that possibility out despite his promise to remain in the race even if he finished third in Iowa. Remember back to 2020 when both Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar were pressured into dropping out ahead of Super Tuesday. Had they stayed in the race, Bernie Sanders would have almost certainly won the Democrat nomination. Neither Buttigieg nor Klobuchar had a reason to drop out other than the pressure they received. That’s the influence of the powers-that-be and DeSantis is not immune to it.

If DeSantis stays in the race as he has promised, then Haley’s only hope is to cheat. This is why it’s imperative that Trump supporters remain diligent and push for the kill. A double-digit victory in New Hampshire could effectively end the nomination process. Haley would likely drop out rather than risk a career-ending loss in her home state the following week. DeSantis would likely stay in for South Carolina and Nevada but would likely call it quits after that. Then, it’s off to the general election for Trump.

Don’t get complacent. The powers-that-be want to extend the GOP primary season for as long as possible to drain Trump’s resources ahead of the general election. Haley is their best bet to do that. They’ll do anything they can to prop her up while they still can.

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