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Presidential Debates Start Next Month Which Means They’re Setting Dementia Joe Up

(America First Report)—Joe Biden’s handlers trotted him in front of the camera to play one of his standard roles. His most common role is that of a dementia-ridden hair-sniffer, but that wasn’t what his handlers delivered Wednesday. They instead rolled out the angry old man on stimulants to sound tough so they could piece together tiny snippets into a debate challenge. Watch:

The dates proposed were June and September. Having the first debate next month is conspicuous and bodes ill for Biden. I’ll explain why below, but first here’s the news generated from corporate media reports…

Trump Accepts Debates

Former President Trump agreed to debate President Biden on television in June and September, as proposed by the Biden-Harris campaign in a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates. This move deviates from the traditional three fall debates organized by the commission.

Trump expressed his readiness for the debates, criticizing Biden’s debating skills and presidency. He also mentioned his willingness to participate despite concerns about the commission’s impartiality.

The Biden-Harris campaign suggested the first debate take place in late June, after Trump’s New York trial and Biden’s G7 summit visit. A second debate was proposed for early September, prior to the start of early voting, with a vice presidential debate in late July following the Republican vice presidential nomination.

Biden challenged Trump, citing Trump’s absence from debates since their last encounter in 2020 and proposed specific dates. Trump responded positively on social media, emphasizing his readiness and willingness to debate, suggesting additional debates and a large venue.

Trump’s recent appearance in a deep-blue state drew a crowd of tens of thousands, demonstrating his continued appeal to supporters.

It’s a Trap!

With Democrats doing well in fundraising, there is no viable reason for an incumbent president to want an early summer debate. There are usually three fall debates to maximize viewership, but both Biden and Trump are exceptional cases.

For Trump, the dates work to fit around the lawfare being waged against him. This makes sense even as the trials themselves do not. But for Biden, the reason to propose such an early debate is ominous.

If they’re able to pump him full of enough stimulants to make him appear lucid for an hour or two, then there’s a chance he could actually continue to be the Democrat nominee. But in the likely event that he bombs from his severe lack of mental acuity, Democrats will have the predicate to replace him and the time to get their new candidate on most ballots.

In other words, Joe Biden is walking into what will likely be his political swan song. Whether he knows it or not, he’s being tested and he’s not expected to pass.

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