President Trump Responds to Left's Latest 'Witch Hunt' Against Rudy Giuliani

President Trump Responds to Left’s Latest ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Rudy Giuliani

The Deep State and their proxies in local government don’t just want to take down Donald Trump. They want to take down anyone who supported him. They want to take down anyone even remotely associated with him. Their only pathway to total domination in America is to systematically eliminate patriots, most of whom supported President Trump, in a “purge” of insidious nature.

Or, as Trump said himself in reference to the stripping of Rudy Giuliani’s law license, it’s a “Witch Hunt.” According to a Tweemail he sent today:

“Can you believe that New York wants to strip Rudy Giuliani, a great American Patriot, of his law license because he has been fighting what has already been proven to be a Fraudulent Election? The greatest Mayor in the history of New York City, the Eliot Ness of his generation, one of the greatest crime fighters our Country has ever known, and this is what the Radical Left does to him. All of New York is out of control, crime is at an all-time high—it’s nothing but a Witch Hunt, and they should be ashamed of themselves. TAKE BACK AMERICA!”

He is correct on all points. The 2020 presidential election was stolen. Giuliani and others participated in exposing the theft, and while the corrupt judiciary refused to hear the arguments, millions of Americans did. This is why even 10% of Democrats believe the election was stolen and a plurality of Republicans and Independents feel the same way.

Giuliani’s refusal to distance himself from his former boss is why they’re attacking him. He could have taken the easy road and said the past is the past, he couldn’t prove voter fraud happened, so he’s moving on. Instead, he has persisted in his beliefs in massive, widespread election fraud and has stood by Trump’s side. For this, he is being punished.

Trump has often said if they can do it to him, they can do it to anyone. Now, they’re doing it to Rudy Giuliani. Who’s next? That all depends on whether patriots are willing to continue pursuing the truth or if too many submit to the left’s attacks.