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President Trump Releases Summary of Election Fraud That Stole the 2020 Election

It’s unfortunate that the Epstein file drop sucked all of the air out of the newsroom because there was arguable bigger and definitely more important news happening surrounding elections past and present. President Donald Trump dropped a summary of the massive, widespread voter fraud that took place in swing states in 2020 in preparation to not only defend himself in court, but to expose the truths that have plagued our nation for three years.

In the 32-page drop, he detailed the evidence that, had it ever been properly adjudicated by uncorrupted judges (if such a thing still exists), the 2020 election would have been corrected. If corporate media had done their job and reported on it, a majority of Americans would have known the election was stolen. Neither happened, so now Trump can only use the information to justify his actions following the election.

Those actions were righteous. As President of the United States, he swore an oath to defend the Constitution. It was under attack from multiple fronts in multiple states, so he tried to fulfill his duty. Unfortunately, he had weak legal representation (sorry to Rudy Giuliani fans but this was too big for him) on top of the corrupt officials engaged in the coverup, so we are where we are today.

Apologies for using these Tweets by KanekoaTheGreat to pass along the information but it’s far too lengthy to format a text version properly. Nevertheless, it’s worth a read:

Let’s hope this will help President Trump defend itself while opening some eyes at the same time.