President Trump Has a Message for 'Old Crow Mitch McConnell'

President Trump Has a Message for ‘Old Crow Mitch McConnell’

Donald Trump wants to return to the White House. We can see signs of his desires at nearly every turn, and whether it’s through the 2024 election or (hopefully) earlier, it seems extremely likely he will be back to help save America from the mess the Biden-Harris regime has made in such a short time.

Sadly, the nation is slipping into further destitution and chaos with every passing day. He knows he’ll have to clean up a huge mess, but he hopes to mitigate the damage done. The only way that can happen is if the feckless GOP leadership on Capitol Hill steps up, and that means Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has to do more than just act as an usher for the Democrats’ plans.

Trump released a statement yesterday calling on “Old Crow Mitch McConnell” to act against the massive bill(s) the Democrats are trying to ram through:

Old Crow Mitch McConnell, who is getting beaten on every front by the Radical Left Democrats since giving them a two-month delay which allowed them to “get their act together,” must be fully prepared to use the DEBT CEILING in order to totally kill the Democrat’s new Social Spending (Wasting!) Bill, which will change our Country forever. Mitch and the Republican Senators had them beaten, but didn’t know it, and we ended up with the Unfrastructure Bill, which is only 11% infrastructure. Worse, he allowed a splitting of the Bills (with 19 votes, including himself), which makes the Dems path for the even worse Bill a much easier one. Use the Debt Ceiling, Mitch, show strength and courage. Our Country is being destroyed.

If McConnell and the rest of the GOP fail to stop or even slow the Democrats’ nasty agenda, there may be no way for even Donald Trump to salvage the situation when he returns to the Oval Office.