. . . Prepper Beef Company Is Stockpiling Now Before Prices Skyrocket

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There’s a huge advantage survival food companies have over food providers. When done right, their products can have as long as a 25-year shelf life so they can buy their raw ingredients in bulk ahead of projected price increases.

America is facing more than standard high inflation when it comes to many foods. Beef in particular is under attack on multiple fronts and ranchers are ringing the alarm bells as loudly as possible. They’re preparing consumers for skyrocketing meat prices in the coming years, months, or even weeks as bad policies and worse regulations threaten the entire industry.

“We’re putting every penny we make today toward stockpiling beef,” said Jason Nelson, Co-Founder of Prepper All-Naturals. “Even with our cattle sourced from local Texas ranchers, we know they won’t be selling to us at the same prices in the near future.”

Prepper All-Naturals takes only the best cuts of beef to make long-term storage Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and their “Original Steak” bags. They cook the beef sous vide for maximum retention of flavor and nutrition, then they freeze dry it before sealing it in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. This yields the 25-year shelf life.

“Protein is essential and those who want to control the people know this,” Nelson said. “This is why they’re targeting beef so heavily. They want Americans eating lab-grown fake meat, bugs, or worse, and of course all of it will be divvied out by our ‘benevolent’ government saviors.”

Nelson, a combat disabled U.S. Army veteran, launched Prepper All-Naturals to help his family. He found the “beef crumbles” and other beef products sold by preparedness companies to be sub-par and decided to find out if better products were possible. They are, though he learned why lower-quality beef products are the norm in the industry.

“It’s a lot easier to preserve tough, cheap meat than high quality steaks because the process is more demanding for the good stuff,” he said. “Each bag takes around 30-hours to prepare but if things continue to go south then every hour we spend will prove to be worthwhile.”

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