Joe Biden Debate

The Premeditated Assassination of a President’s Career by the Party That Elected Him

Joe Biden will not be the Democrat nominee for president. We’ve been saying it for months and Thursday night’s debate was the springboard upon which corporate media proxies of the UniParty Swamp will take turns stabbing Biden in a coordinated political assassination plot.

It’ll be like Murder on the Orient Express but with a lot more than 12 men and women burying their daggers into him. Among those will not be Donald Trump or any of his real supporters. It was the Democrats and RINO members of the UniParty Swamp who planned, coordinated, and executed the end of Joseph Robinette Biden.

Here’s MSNBC’s Joy Reid taking her stab at Joe.

They used Anderson Cooper to get two jabs for one by hitting both Kamala Harris and Biden in the same interview.

CNN’s panel went after those defending Biden.

This isn’t just about getting rid of Joe Biden. It’s about taking down any remnant of support for him.

And in case anyone thinks this is just an organic reaction to a bad debate, it wasn’t. I fully agree with @DC_Draino:

Make no mistake

This wide-ranging Democrat reaction to have Joe Biden step down is coordinated

This is not organic

The machine set this debate trap for Biden, waited for the right moment, and now the knives are out

Et tú Barack?

The only question left is who are they going to airdrop in. Michelle Obama? Gretchen Whitmer? Wes Moore? Gavin Newsom? We should know the answer to that by early next month.