Vijaya Gadde

Pre-Covid Flashback: Tim Pool and Joe Rogan Asked Twitter Exec if They Would Ever Censor Anti-Vaxx Posts

This didn’t age well.

In a Match, 2019 episode of Joe Rogan’s show, podcaster Tim Pool asked Vijaya Gadde about Twitter’s policy on anti-vaxx Tweets. As policy-safety lead director, a chief legal officer, and general counsel of Twitter, Gadde was well positioned to answer the questions directly, and she did.

“We’re coming to a position where people think some ideas are better than others, therefore as a company we’re going to restrict certain information,” Pool began.

Rogan added context, saying, “You mean like anti-vaxx?”

“Exactly,” Pool agreed. “So, I guess what I’m trying to say is … would you guys restrict someone from sharing, like, false information about vaccines that could get someone hurt?”

Gadde replied, “That is not a violation of Twitter’s rules, no.”

It’s important to notice that Pool asked specifically about “false information about vaccines that could get someone hurt,” because that is exactly what Twitter now says they will censor. They’ve suspended and even banned numerous major accounts for what they consider to be vaccine misinformation.

Of course, the only thing that has changed since the 2019 interview is Covid. This reinforces the common belief that Big Tech, corporate media, government, academia, and even doctors have changed their tune on vaccine hesitancy to suppress it for the sake of protecting Big Pharma profits and to advance The Great Reset.