Portland Business Owner Shutting Down Over _Progressive_ Policies Delivers Heartfelt Rebuke

Portland Business Owner Shutting Down Over “Progressive” Policies Delivers Heartfelt Rebuke

Portland is lost. With many of the finest citizens of the city and the state of Oregon leaving for places where law and order are allowed, the radical leftists have established ongoing control of the city for as long as it’s still standing. Unfortunately, that may not be much longer if they don’t reverse course quickly.

They won’t. They’ll double down. When faced with failure, progressives tend to never learn from their mistakes, instead opting to making things worse until the next generation inherits the dumpster fires they light.

A (former) Portland business owner took to TikTok to show the results of another looting of his property. He blamed homelessness, drug abuse, depression, and the greatly weakened law enforcement in the city. And for all of these circumstances, he blamed progressive policies, demonstrating how there’s nothing compassionate about their so-called “compassionate” policies. Watch:

“I don’t think there’s anything compassionate about letting people live in filth on the side of the freeway, enabling drug abuse, or making parents sweep their kids’ soccer field because there’s so many hypodermic needles on it,” he said.

Portland has been on a downward trend for decades under Democrat rule, but the last two years have been particularly hard on them as the radical leftists in charge continue to try to “out-woke” each other with worse and worse policies.

“What did you expect would happen when you normalize homelessness and drug abuse?” he asked. “When you villainize the police? When you allow looting in the name of social justice? You can’t put policies in place because they sound good. You have to do what works.”

What works is law and order. What works are laws that take criminals off the streets, put drug abusers in rehab and/or jail, and put police officers in the right places with enough authority to keep the peace. That’s not to say a police state is in order, but if any city needed a temporary one put in place, it would be Portland.